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Multiplying decimal numbers is easy. Take any two numbers, remove their decimals and then multiply them as you multiply simple numbers. Now suppose in those two numbers point was after one number each, this means in total you have two numbers after the decimal point. Mark that decimal point after leaving two numbers from the left. This is the final product. For eg.- 2.2*3.2, multiply 22&32, i.e. 22*32=704. Now in 2.2 there is only one number after decimal point and in 3.2 also one number, so leave two digits from left in 704 i.e. 7.04. This is the final product.
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1) Firstly multiply all the numbers with out decimals 
2)Then count the number of digits after decimal in 1st no and then of the 2nd no
3) now place the decimal in the product counting from right to left total no.of digits that you counted after decimal in both the numbers
For example 
1.2 ×1.2
1) 12×12 = 144
2)total no.of no`s after decimal altogether from both no`s = 2 
3)∴place decimal counting from right to left 1.44 (after two digits from left)
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be careful you must place decimal from right to left
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