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Voters not only a right but also a responsibility. Voting is a spiritual act because those individuals to express their views on the options, using all the powers of government should assume, in good faith, the person with the power to change your life and others are thriving. In this sense, your decision to vote and the actual act of voting is spiritually inspired by the vote, which is to receive your remarks, that in matters of governance to help promote higher prices. The cases of different ways that touch everyone's life - social, economic or environmental. We hope that the people we elect to office, they establish a better affinity for the benefit of all the creative act.The US Center for Visionary Leadership Maclogin Corin says that if you do not care about life, if you do care about the lives of others, if you do care about life on this planet and the right to vote Let the difference responsibility. They say that if you care about the voice of your soul Reply to vote. He really is our life depends on this how we vote. Your not terrorism, war, health, education, climate change and touch the lives of every person on the various topics that could help to determine policy. In a democracy, voting is a spiritual responsibility. If we are committed to live by spiritual values, then we should bring them to the polling place, and educate them about candidates and their issues should be. That trend of voter apathy and defeat is a threat to us all. However, it is true that the root of the matter lies in frustration with the criminalization of politics.Too many good citizens called democracy has turned its back on the continued conflict, which is that our time Kurukshetra. Some people see it as a personal statement, but in fact, deliberate retreat from their vote does not mean that you are staying away from politics. This means that you prefer to use the political process by sacrificing duty are allowed to be completed without its participation. But to ignore the electoral process is a little advantage. The existence of alternative political choices is also indispensable. By not voting, we somehow feel that you have a political mess up, beguile ourselves, we actually encourage the political changes are Ydrichcyta. Is a negative act to bend your back.In a democracy, the electoral process, which should be included in place for them to say that they are contesting from his constituency are not happy with any of the candidates. Voter "None of the Above" option by selecting the candidates should have the right to reject. In other words, a negative vote Dalna- Rup- a way of positive action will force political parties to change the list. They fight for public office must improve the quality of candidates.