Children are given remuneration for their excellent work and penalty for their bad activity by the parent. Compensation and penalizing makes children in a better way of life. In this essay, I will explain the both views in detail.

Children are motivated by prizes given in both school and at home. Some children do extra-ordinary work hard in their studies to get their favorite wish to satisfy by their parents. For example, In India kids demand their parents to go for them park for holiday if they receive first grade in their examination. Moreover, complimenting children for their excellence boosts their self-esteem and better individuals in the future. Nevertheless, children are over pampered by their rewards and it affects their studies. They become greedy demanding for expensive items to compensate their excellence.

On the other hand punishment for children is better way to bring them in correct path. Children refrain doing bad activity in fear of receiving punishment again. There are some disadvantages of punishment result in psychological problem like lower self-esteem, cheating their parents and telling lies. Some children run away from home due to parent’s merciless beating without any explanation. For instance, Report says that missing children in all over the world are increasing due to the parent’s harsh treatment. Punishment makes children life-long resentment or hatred in their lives. Some children become prey for their parents stress buster.

In a nutshell, I feel that children should be given affection, appreciation, acceptability and availability of parents make children better way than giving strict punishment which influence their life. By love and caring parents can correct their children mistake.
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