my wish for my country would be that there should be no poverty, no child labor and even every one should well educated. in my country poverty is a very big problem to over come and face it, because of the poverty many people don't get food because of lack food many people are starving and because of this they face many health issues at very small age only because of poverty many children are force to go to work and because of this they don't have education and they would remain the same poor again. if the children are not sent to get education know then they would face many problems in future times. there is an saying " today's children are tomorrow's citizens" if the children are now only not getting proper education then in their future they cant do any thing indeed. if the children are educated then will be in benefits. hence I conclude that there should be no poverty and child labor and every one should be well educated.
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To be developed . no poverty, discrimination, child labour, unemployment, crime and brain drain. to get a place in the world.