Many many years ago( around 600 million years ago), many organisms got buried under the crust of earth and due to a natural process called anaerobic decomposition in which these under the heat and pressure in the earth's crust get converted into combustible geologic deposits which are buried under the crust.These deposits have high amount of carbon present in them.Some examples of fossil fuels are crude oil,coal,natural gas etc.Brazil have the highest ratio of fossil fuels followed by France and Italy.
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Fossil fuels are sometimes known instead as mineral fuels.fossil fuel is is general term for buried combustible geologic deposits of organic matter.the decayed plants and animals buried and under the earth heat and pressure it is converted into crude oil,coal,petrol etc.....,is called fossil fuels.but,fossil fuels is the main cause of releasing damaged the ozone layer and it cause air a days,fossil fuels are used in many,avoiding the fossil fuel is the best way to protect the ozone layers and air pollution.
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