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Here are some points that came to my mind so,take a look... 1. Making people realise that it's in the best interest of the nation as well as their individual self to let the children study and do well.( Those who hire small children to do their household chores,making them realise what they are taking away from these innocent beings. Asking them how they would have felt, had their wards been doing such works at someone's place.) 2. Encouraging the lower earning section of the society to start sending their children to schools,in place of 'work'.Make them understand that untill and unless their children are educated,their poverty and turmoil is never going to come to an end.It's only through education that their days of sufferings will end. 3. Helping such children, who have come to join a school,by assisting in the admission process.( Remember, they have never experienced anything as schooling before.) 4. A campaigne or sort of, around your locality on a holiday, and educating people regarding the importance of child education and also, the need to end child slavery. I think, with these points,you should be able to write a 350-400 words essay.These are some basic ideas that you just need to accentuate.You can always add some more specific details like... How you countered criticism from those who had the children employed at work and how you dealt with the situation etc... Hope It Helps...
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