That depends upon the freedom you are talking about.If you are talking about the freedom to take your own decision,then yes it us inevitably required because a part of growing up is making your own decisions and living with consequences.But if freedom according to you is a state, where no one meddels with whatever you do or desire to do in the near future then, I would doubt if such a freedom will be in the best interest of you.In fact I wouldn't call it a freedom,for that matter.Take an example,because a man learns from the examples better. There was a boy who wanted to become a dancer.I mean, a professional one.Now he tells his father regarding his choice of career and father advices him that, listen son, it's one thing to dance as a kid but it's another thing to try to make a career out of it.His father told him that he is not denying him to become a dancer but what he wanted him to do is to have a vision of his future.What if he didn't make it as a dancer??what about his future without a college education??Would he sell some cheap burgers on a street corner??He wanted his son to look at the cons of his action too but his son shouted at him,"I want my own freedom,I want my own space." So his father left it to him,to decide for his own future.As a matter of fact,his choice of not entering a college but a group of dancers brought him to a standstill.Now he was uneducated,unemployed and on top of that unrecongnisable.He had no identity.I mean what is the difference between a beggar and him??Infact they have similarities.Both are unemployed,both are suffering. Mind you, this boy had the chance which the beggar probably didn't,but all because he wanted his so called"freedom" he became a failure. So to conclude,freedom is inevitably required but someone must be there to guide us when we don't know how to make proper use of freedom.