Science is a very interesting and joyful subject, it tells us about our surroundings, planets, etc.It makes our life comfortable. It is very easy subject anyone can learn it it include three subjects physics, chemistry and biology.Today we invented many many gadgets, machines, robots which makes our life very comfortable. Today  inventions are increasing and due to this increasement it will do all the works of human, humans will be depended on robots, gadgets, it will take the place of human.
So it will became the life easy and people like comfortable life so it better for them.
Science . Well Science holds the key to our future.It is the most powerful tool that we have .Everything our society is today is due to scientific advancement. Without it, we'd still be sitting in guttering candlelight in drafty houses ravaged by disease with an average life expectancy of 45.Science has made our lives comfortable -less diseases, more medicines ,less manual work ,more useful results and many more. Communication , transportation, health , entertainment ---we don't see a Future without science in any of these fields.So the days are not far when humans will become completely dependent on machine , and for those days we need to improve our knowledge of science so as to make our future bigger abd better than before Hope it helps...