1. Procrastination usually leads to worries. 
Avoid worrying over academic issues.
3.Scheduling helps most students 4.
Spreading out your work on a project.
5.Resist peer pressure
6.Ask for help if you are having trouble on homework; don't be afraid.7.
Arrange time to have an unofficial conference with your teacher
8.Join a club or a group
Make yourself comfortable with your environment
Be determined not to look at the clock
Think about what would change in your life for each outrageous thing you could do. 
Try counting to 100, then to 200, then to 300 and so forth.
13.If you can, try playing a game on your mobile phone or play Rock, Paper, Scissors with the person sitting next you!
14.Start a game of Chinese Whispers.
15.Pay attention to what the teacher is saying.
16.Try creating a repetitive rhythm with your feet by tapping.Try creating a repetitive rhythm with your feet by tapping.
17.Ask the teacher questions about the topic you're on even if you know the answer. 
When taking notes, change up the way you write! 
Try something new.
20.Stare at the teacher (Not window! You will get caught!) and day-dream.
Use your imagination.
22.Hum or sing quietly to yourself. 
Think 'IF'
24.Do homework.
25.Sit near the front or with a responsible student you can get along with and chat with when you two finish early, but not with your Best Friend.
26.Learn something new, like how to say the alphabet backwards.
27.Do something unusual. 
Dress comfortably.
29.If you have a watch, remember to NOT set an alarm.
30.Ask to go to the bathroom every period.
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