On the way to school for an exam you see an injured kitten .it is badly hurt and needs medical attention but you dont want to be late for your exam people around it do not seem to want to help the animal .
1 . what you will do and
2. how you will handle the consequences



I will see and try to talk some of the people into helping him if i had time. But since I'll be late for school, I will roughly give it a first aid treatment. I would pour water on to the wound to clean it and then would wrap my handkerchief around it. I'll leave the kitten in some secure place for me to come back from school and give him the necessary medication.
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I will take a card board box and keep the kitten in that box and I will write a note ''PLEASE HELP ME'' and stick on the box. If any person see's the box they may help the kitten.
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