Some students are throwing and discard their books and notebooks without any consideration.After final examinations some of these books and notebooks are in rather good condition and can be used by anyone.How can you create awareness regarding such things and Who else can you think can help you to solve this problem?



We can talk to the students/friends regarding the donation of old books to the needy children. Also, they can sell the books at cheaper price and that would be a two way profit situation. Solving the purpose of books requirement of the needy and they get paid for it. Awareness can be created by short plays, satires, and the powerful tool - Internet and Social networking sites. The school authorities can ask the children to submit the books so that they can be used by the juniors. Same can be followed by the librarians. Newest example set, the person who collects junk can collect books and set up a kind of library for children in need of books.
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