I would tell my friend about the disadvantages of using a mobile phone all the time.
I would also ask him/her to always be in touch with your friends and never lose this relation.

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i would tell using mobile is good but ignoring your friends for that is not good
When children get a new toy to play,and if they find it interesting, they become addicted to it.The same is happening to your friend.The best thing you can do is to make him aware of the demerits of this addiction.Talk with him gently and politely so that he clearly understands what are you trying to explain. Make him feel that you are here to help him. By this addiction he will firstly, get bad grades in exams and with addition to this he'll go away and away from his close friends which will lead to unhappy and depressed state. If he doesn't realize conslt to his parents who can guide him and help him get out of this  or simply let him to face the problems and realize his mistakes on his own.

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