I had a science exhibition held at our school. Many of the students brought their projects. Our school teachers made us to stand in particular places with our projects. It took some time. Then we all got ready for our explanations. Some of the parents started to come into the rooms. We are all excited to show our projects and tell the format about the projects. Some of the parents appreciated us. We had a lot of fun there. After some time our DEO came to our room and we gave an explanation with some fear. Now its the break time. Many of the parents started to come at that time. Then its already 3:30. We started to our home with our projects in our school buses. we had a nice time on that day.
Our science exhibition held at our school. As the whole school was divided into four groups like; electronics, environment, science in daily life, science involved in natural calamities. Two categories were there they were junior and senior. Junior category included the children from classes 3rd to 8th and senior category included the classes 9th to 12th. In electronics children made the things like burglar alarm, hanging bridge, light flying in air, etc. In environment children made things like process of germination, projects on ; save trees, save tiger, save forests, save environment etc. In science in daily life children made things like process of fermentation, silk obtained from silk moth etc. In"science envolved in natural calamities" children made things like errupting volcano and it's process, how tsunami occurs, how earthquake occurs, etc. Separate halls were alloted to each groups. Many of us were volunteers and incharge of these groups. Children were told to explain about there projects every time whenever they were asked about it. We were given refreshments at 1:00pm and continued in science exhibition. Our DP(deputy commisioner) and AC(assistant commissioner) also arrived there and after the time of science exhibition was over then he gave a speech over Time Management. At 4:00pm we headed towards our way to home.