One day Swati was walking down the street, she saw an injured crow and tried to call someone for help but nobody was there. She was afraid as she was all alone at the lonely road. But suddenly a car came with bright  lights appearing on her face. She felt so happy to see someone coming towards her. The time when the car's window went through her she realized that its her parents! She ran behind the car to let them know that its her daughter but couldn't make it possible to do so. Soon, a family started walking by her side. Swati was very happy. She borrowed a phone from the family and the first thing she did was to call the animal hospital. And then her parents. The van came within 5 minutes to save the life of the crow as it was severlely injured. The Van took charges for the operation from her parents. Swati was thankful to the family who lended her a phone. Swati's parents were proud of her act. :D

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