Science and future . as the sound similar they both depend on each other . if we today develope our country in science our future will be surely good our future depends on two things science and ourselves . we see these days that our future will be like electric cars solar powered houses but that will happen only if we develope in science . our country india is quiet backward in the field of science than countries like japan , u.s.a , etc and if our country is ahead in science we get not just help in information technology but also in medical technology . so we ourself have to take our country ahead in science and take intrest in science . thank u 
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Science is interesting because it is very joyful to learn our world around us. We can know about the our universe , our body , plants feature , kinds of organisms and much more . It includes biology , chemistry and physics . Science is very easy that anyone can learn and understand it and can use it for research . Everyone can be benefited by this .

Through the biology we can able to know about our surrounding . Biology also tell us about us . Our human system , the structure of plants and animals  . We study different organs in our body . We can know about our each body organs system and functions such as heart transfer as blood .

Now the subject is Chemistry . We use chemical in every our work . We use salt   ( Nacl) in our food , we use detergent to wash our clothes , we use fertilizers and pesticides for the good crops etc . Most importantly all the medicines are made up of chemical process . Hence it also give life to organisms . 

And the last is physics . Physics is the most important subject in the science . We can calculate speed of anything , we can calculate heat of anything etc . Through physics we can know  evolution of the universe and atoms.

Also with the help of these subject we can even make machines , robots . We also can find the way how to reduce pollution ( air pollution , water pollution , soil pollution , and noise pollution ) . We can able to remove corruption before it roots us and much more .

Hence Science is very important for the development of our future.

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