You visit a place of historical importance with your friends and come across people who scribble their names and messages on the walls of the monuments .you felt this act not only showed people 's indifference for their culture but also reduces the beauty of these monuments .discuss
1) what other problems this could cause?
2)what should your reaction be?
3)how should other people react to something like this?
4)how can you create awareness regarding such things?
5)why do you think people are inconsiderate about such matters?
6)how can you think can the authorities manage this problem?
7)what role can students play to check such actions?
8)what do you think will be the reaction of tourists to this?
9) what impression do you think foreigners will form of us to this problem?



. The importance of the monument will be reduced. The number of people who who would like to visit the monument  will be reduced.
. We can talk to the people and make them understand that writing on the walls is spoiling the beauty of the monument. or writting or scribling on the walls will be a punishable offence.
.3. by putting posters and banners to not scrible on the walls.
. the foreigners may have a bad impression on us.
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1. It will reduce the interest of the people and excitement of the people about to know the history of the place
2. First we should tell our friends not to do such things then after to the people
3.May be they too do the same thing
4.We can bring this matter tho the public by creating awarness to the people about its effects
5.because they think it doesn't belongs to them then why should they care
6.they can't because they think even though they say this to the people thet wouldn't listen
7.students can bring this matter to media by conducting rally's or essays or posters.etc
8. they may come to fight or argument
9. VERY BAD......................

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