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                              ALL I SAW WAS RED
it was a stormy night and the weather was very harsh.there was one girl named sally. she was going somewhere.and suddenly her car stopped in middle of a silent road with no one around. she was really scared and all she wanted  was to get out of that place. suddenly, she saw a hotel. she was so relieved to see the hotel. she quickly got off her car and ran towards the hotel. as she checked in she saw a warning written on a board ''don't go to the room without number''.
when she asked the receptionist about the warning the receptionist said ''there is one room in this hotel which has no number.please don't go there, don't even peek in that room and don't knock on the door.sally asked ''but why its like that?'' but the receptionist payed no heed.she gave sally her room keys and took her to the room. sally saw that the room without number is just beside her room. at first she was not so worried about it but at night she heard some strange voices coming from the room beside soft,chilling voice was saying ''please leave me,please.'' sally thought that someone is there in the room who needs help.she got off her bed and ran towards that room.she forgot the warning and knocked on the answer.the voice was still coming.sally peeked through the peeking hole and she saw only red.she ran to the receptionist and asked her what is in that first, the receptionist refused to tell her.but sally insisted very much.then the receptionist told ''once a couple came to stay in that room.due to some reason the husband killed the wife and ran away.after that incident it is said that after that the wife's soul is hunting that room.also,it is said that the ghost is all white.whole white but only her eyes are red................
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that means you were looking directly into the ghost's eys!
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but the girl sally
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