1 amur leopard found in northern Russia's primorye region. 2 Javan rhinoceros found in Indonesia. 3 lemur found in island of Madagascar southeast cost of Africa. 4 northern right whale found in Atlantic costs of Canada and USA. 5 vaquita found in gulf of California. 6 black rhinoceros found in kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, south Africa, etc.7 mountain gorilla found in virunga and Uganda.8 baiji found in Yangtze river in China .9 the saola found in small area of Forest on border between uientham and the laus.10 cross river gorilla found in southern caneroon Nigerian border .11 leather back sea turtle found all over the globe.12 Siberian tiger found in birch forest of Russia and in far east china and Korea .13 giant Chinese salamander found in china in forested area.14 dodo bird found in island of Mauritius east of Madagascar. 15 Bengal tiger found in primerly in India and with small population in Nepal,Bangladesh, etc. Mark my answer as best if it helps plzzz.......
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Tigers in cambodia and india,,siberia etc  .parma wallaby in new zealand. rhino in java. andean  condor in  south america narwhals in the pacific. brown hyena in angola.,palwan peacock in palwan island.markhor in pakistan giant eland in maliwild yak in ladakh in india sika in china,malyan tapir in thailand,snow  leopard in china clouded leopard in india,barbary lion in algeria,spanish lynx in spain
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