When we say business we quickly think of sales and trade.  It is a career aspiration for many young persons and managers.  All of us will agree that aim of a business is mainly earning profits.  The word "Business world" brings to our mind a picture of well clad beautiful executives, bigMONEY, cars, limelight, flights and ultra modern buildings and infrastructure.  

    Business is the activity of exchanging goods or services for some other goods or services, or forMONEY, like a book shop.  Business also means the organization or economic system where trading happens, like a company.  Business could also mean the entire marketing sector., like electronics business.

    Business world is the universe of all companies that do and support business.  Business world has boomed in the last three decades.  A lot of the companies are startup companies which try to make a foray in to the main stream.  Economics and Commerce deal a lot with business principles and practices.  To become a successful business person, one has to work hard, be sincere and be dedicated.  An element of luck is involved too.

    Ethics, code of conduct for businesses is important too along with profit.  In the world of Business, there is a fierceCOMPETITION, speed of activities, striving for growth and capturing of market share, spying on competitor's activities and so on.  Business wold treats time like money and treats people often like machines.  Let us also know that a business also has a social responsibility too.

   In the beginning business is a means to support life.  Later life becomes just business.  That is the impact of the business world.
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