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Tree conservation :-
Trees are regarded as the life lines of the world and of the humanity. It makes the condition on earth favorable for the human survival. Food, wood, raw materials, medicines all these products make their existence more valuable to us. They are considered as ' donors' for the humanity. They have sustained and helped the man to evolve throughout the dark ages of earth. It even gave them food at times of need. When we see the total consumption of trees in making paper, the record for a decade have been cracked. We humans in our necessity cut down trees. But lately we have discovered that the like on earth would be miserable without the lush green life sustainers . They bind the life on earth and is known to give life itself. Forests are full of stocks of precious herbs with undying medicinal property . More over when we cut a tree we destroy the ecological balance built over thousand software years. This is the reason that the global warming has hiked since large scale Deforestation.
Still the fact that trees are the main life sustaining element on earth has not reached to most of us. This makes it a matter of concern. Because there is no life if there is no tree left.

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