An ice-cream cone consisting of cone surmounted by a hemisphere. The radius of hemisphere is 3.5 cm and height of the ice-cream cone is 12.5 cm . calculate the volume of the ice-cream in the cone ?

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Volume of a cone=(1/3)(pi)r²h.
total volume of ice cream=volume of cone + volume of hemisphere
∴volume of cone=(1/3)(22/7)(3.5)²(12.5)
                           =(22/21000)(1225 x 125)
                           =(11 x 245 x 5)/84
volume of hemisphere=2/3 x (pi) x r
                                    =2/3 x 22/7 x 3.5
∴volume of ice cream =14091/84 cm³.
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ans is 2015.33cm square
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its cubic cm
ohh sorry 2015.33cm cube