Or a Modern India, Of the youth that he desired to create,
Of a young, dynamic and active state,
Of the vision he had for his motherland.

Travelled far and wide did he, trying to rally the cause,
For a Modern India,
Free from ignorance and full with radiance because,
Of the ancient wisdom once lost, and to be regained again.
Bright, Brilliant and Bedecked with knowledge,
So that even the mightiest nations would acknowledge.
For a Modern India,
That he believed would make us all proud of ourselves again.

Where there was learning for all, free and fair,
Where every citizen for his country, did his fair share,
Of a country moving forward, but with past values, that was his vision,
For a Modern India.

An India which had made a scientific leap,
But one where people did not forget, and never should,
Their great traditions, culture and value systems,
And on to whose everlasting glory, the world would,
Praises upon praises should heap.