Good morning/good evening/good afternoon!!!this is ______(name) here addressing and pleased to speak about adolescence. adolescence is one of the best ages for any of the person.His life totally depends on this age that he either live happy or live hard. here we go for attractions, growth of hormones and many things of course it gives u a lot of memories.(express any of u r memory).but one thing is that the youth i.e the children of this r addicting to bad habits like smoking, consuming alcohol, consuming drugs which totally immerses their life. Our great inspiration ABDUL KALAM said that THE COUNTRY'S GROWTH LIES IN THE HANDS OF THE YOUTH OF THE COUNTRY. let's work out for his last dream INDIA BY 2020. thank u jai hind!!

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Adolescence is the best stage in life, because you’re finally growing up 

and reaching a certain age where you can take care of your self. You don’t 

have your parents nagging on you, about holding their hand when your 

crossing the street. There is a lot more chances for you to get out and meet 

new friends. You can get involved in a lot more, by joining sport teams, 

student council, and all of the other after school activities there is available 

for you to get involved in. And getting involved helps you boost your 

popularity. Which also helps you make those new friendships. There is 

party’s that you can go to, and have fun at. 

There are also a lot of things about adolescence that might turn people 

off from thinking that this is the best stage in life. There is a lot more 

responsibilities to take on, and a lot of peer pressure. You have to make a lot 

of choices. Sometimes it’s hard, because you don’t want people to think your 

stupid or a chicken for not doing something. Here is one of the choices you 

have to make is who you hang out with. The people you hang with make a 

big difference. You don’t want to get into the wrong crowd, and end up 

getting in trouble with the law, or doing anything stupid that you would 

regret afterwards. If you find the right crowd of friends they’ll make this 

the best years of your life!! ...
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