Nature is the most mysterious phenomena occurring, anywhere in the universe. Peering into the deep, dark sea we can see so many creatures that look like aliens but, some truly look as if they are created by God himself. Looking on the ground, we see it teeming with life. The sighting of the red moon, or the rainfall of blobs is especially daunting. The Voynich Manuscript, comprising of strange diagrams in an unknown language makes us question the existence of some extraterristal life. One of the most intriguing object or rather a discovery made was the Shugborough inscription in England which eludes the most clever linguists. Finally, the Moai statues of Easter Islands have escaped the understanding of the most prestigious arechelogists. This proves that the world we live in is not the most simple world we thought it was, but, it is full of enigmas that we can't help but question.
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