Once a king thought to check the wisdom of his ministers.So he took help of his goldsmith.The king ordered too mint 1000 gold coins ,each of 10gm of pure
gold,and to make 10 bags of it ,eack containing 100 gold coins.The goldsmith prepared according to the order and used pure gold for it.But he prepared 100 gold coins of each weighing 9gm,and put them in a bag. After the work was done ,he went to the king and handed over all 10 bags.He was carrying a beam balance which can measure from 1gm to 750gm.
Then the king told the situation and asked to identify the bag carrying the counterfeit coins,by using the beam balance only once.Please help the ministers.

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You should number each bag as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 respectively.
you must remove the number of coins which are written on that bag.
if a bag has the no. 5 written on it remove 5 coins from it.
so if there are no counterfeit coins are there weight should be:
10 x (1+2+3+4+5...+10)=10 x 55=550
then we can find the answer by trial and error.
if 1 numbered bag has counterfeit coins then the weight will be 549.
if 6 numbered bag has counterfeit coins then the weight will be 544 and so on.
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