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Paint and warmish that we use inside our homes and on our furniture is a source of air pollution                                                                                                   Radiation from nuclear sources causes the most dangerous type of air pollution                                                                                                          .Most people only relate smoke to air pollution but as we’ve seen from the above two points, air pollution can be invisible as well.                             Pesticides are used by farmers to increase their yield and protect their crops                                                                                                                        Fertilizer is another source of air pollution in the form the dust that is accumulated by the use of fertilizer and is rich in ammonia and nitrous oxide                  Toxic waste released into the water causes water pollution and harmful gases and smoke released into the air causes air pollution.             The activity of mining is synonymous with industrialization and development but mining causes a lot of air pollution.                                                            Our whole economy is based on petroleum but petroleum is also the biggest source of air pollution                                                                                        The smoke created causes air pollution along with the carbon dioxide released which is a greenhouse gas and results in global warming.               We can’t imagine our life without cars, trains, buses, planes and ships but the truth is that all this transport is causing a lot of air pollution and leading the world towards an Armageddon