There ar small houses near your school. Every morning you see the people living there walk a long distance to fetch water. you would like to help them in some way. Discuss with your partner:
1. How would you like to go about this.
2. who you could approach to resolve this issue?



Yes by building a pump or a well borewell
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Person 1 :I think that this a major problem as water is a basic necessity for human beings and not having proper access to it is a big problem .

Person 2 :Yes I agree to it . We could notify the MC of that area about this problem by letters , drafts and can even do a signature campaign .

Person 1: Moreover we could complain the counselor of that area about this problem .He would definitely understand it and will take strict action about it .

Person 2 : Yes, certain actions like making of fresh water pipelines can be taken to improve this situation .

Person 1 : This way lives of many people can be made easy and comfortable .

Person 2 : So like this we come to the conclusion that the MC or the counselor of that area should be notified of this problem and he should take the necessary steps to solve it .
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