Child labour means making kids who are under 18 work . This would affect their future since the kids are working in the age their supposed to be studying so that would mean later on in life these kids do not have a very high chance of getting good jobs that would mean no good salary that would mean that they cant support their families this is how child labour spoils a child's future.
Child labour not only hinders a child's mental growth but also prevents the child from getting educated which most important in today's world .It is extremely important for a child to receive education as it helps him/her choose a profession and get a job .Child labour not only spoils the child's future but also the country's future .if we want to see a developed nation we must stop child labour .Children who are used as child labour are not only devoid of a bright future but also a bright childhood .
Moreover these children are treated very badly by their masters which is sure to to have an effect on their mind.
On the other hand their masters do not realise that they are depriving these innocent children not only of a better life but also their rightful privileges such as education.
Neither do the families of these children realize that their source of income today,i.e.the child,would earn much more when he/she is educated and has grown up.If a child is educated he/she is a millions times more capable of earning a living than one who is illiterate we must understand that a child future relies on his education of his early days.In today's world and tomorrows world there is no place for uneducated people.Education is one of the most important things in life.It not only makes you broad minded but also gives you a sense of what is right and wrong .Above all it gives you a job and eventually a decent and secure life.So ,if we are to make the future of our nation and children bright we must allow our children to get educated .Child labour is a crime let us not encourage it.