your school does not have a play ground and many student wish that there was one.they play close to the road and this has caused many problems in the past. discuss with your partner what alternative arrangements could me made ,and how you could convince your school authorities to resolve the issue



Many car accidents would be caused this could be an example for the authority to build a playing ground
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Yash as - i 
john as - partner 
yash - you heard that a student was the a feet away from car and the car was about to hit him .
john - yes i heard about it it's not good to play near road . 
yash - we should request to teacher to tell this to all students that not to play near the  road 
john - i think we should write a letter to the principal 
yash - we should mention in it all these accident which took place in this week 
john - we will also request about the playground 
yash - i think we should stick a notice on the notice board that the student who will be found playing on the road will be punished  
john - the road near our school also has no sings 
yash - what sings ? 
john - sings of slow speed like that 
yash - oh ! yes we will put sings like school ahead go slow or speed limit 20 kmph 
john - yes !