How can i make my school happy place

how can i make my school happy place
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We can make school a happy place by keeping it clean and respecting teachers and by doing various social programms and co - cirrcular activities
                                  the school a happy place
                                             we can make the school happy place by doing many things. actually the school is a happy place from before only but the children think that the school is not a happy place. the school is a good place where we can gain so many things like knowledge and good manners and all. the school can be happy place if we show interest in it but if we think it is a normal place then we cannot enjoy the school. the school is a place where we can show all our talents and even every one would encourage us. the school is a place where we can enjoy a lot and learn so much. in school if we are with our friends and try to enjoy a the school then the school would become a happy place.
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