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the question are :
1. how can we ban the child labour ?
ans : we can take help of many non-governmental organization and even government so that the child labour can be banned easily.
2. measures taken by government for preventing children doing works in factories and mines ?
ans. yes our government takes many measures like :
a. they make laws to stop child labour
b. they punish the people who encourage the child labour.
3. how can we help the children so that they wont be going to the work ?
ans. we can help them to join the schools and get educated and even we have to report to the police so that they can punish the people how are forcing then to do child labour.
4. child labour is still there or it is totally banned ?
ans. no child labour is not totally banned it is yet followed in some place.
5. child labour is a big problem to face or we can ban it easily ?
ans . yes child labour is a big problem to face.
6. the government of india is helping children who are sent to work ?
ans. yes the government od india is helping them a lot. 
7. measures taken by the common people to reduce the child labour ?
ans. we can help the children to raise their voice against the child labour and common people can make rallies and groups to stop child labour.
8. child labour is prevailing in only india or in other countries also ?
ans. yes it is yet prevailing in india and even in few other countries.
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what is meant by child labour?
* Child labour means making children work at a very early age.The children are pressurised and not allowed to go to school or be educated.They are deprived of the enjoyments of childhood.

Has government taken any measures against child labour?
* Yes, government has made it illegal.It is now banned and brutally punishable if caught red handed.

Is child labour practised even after being banned?
* Yes , it is still practised illegally .Children are forced to work in harmful places like coal mines , fireworks factories and many other such places.The people who force these children , even frightens them tells them not to tell this to anyone.If they tell to anyone hen they will kill them.

Can we contribute to finish this completely?
Yes , we can contribute.If we see any child being forcefully made to work any where , I will directly inform this to the local police.I am sure that in this way I will be able to save innocent lives.

What will happen if child labour continues?
If child labour continues , then the future of our country would be at risk.There would be no educated people in our country to make it more advanced.Our future would become darker than ever.

Where is child labour practised?
Child labour prevails not only in India but also in many parts of other countries in the world .It is banned in those countries too but Child labour is practised even in those countries , illegally.

Why do the children work in such an early age?
the reasons are:
They work for money.
Money is need to satisfy their hunger.Not only his own hunger but also the whole family's hunger.
Some parents have no other way but to sent their child to work just for money.
It sometimes happen that they have taken loan and now they do not have money to pay.They are forced to send their child as payment.

How can these children be saved?
Local organisations can provide money to these poor people.They can help them to educate these children.

In this way , we will have a bright future.

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