good morning  respected teachers  principal and my dear friends i welcome each and everyone present over here i also welcome our hounarable chief guest so and so name i am so and so of so and so class section etc i am here to deliver u a speech on how to keep our school clean u need not clean the floor do some work which u are not asked to but u can do the following
u can throw waste in the dustbins provided 
u can stop spilling water
u should stop littering food
keep a hankie under ur lunch box while eating
do not throwpaper here and there
whenever u see a paper or something on the floor pick it and throw it in the dustbin
flush the wash room when done
u can keep ur surroundings clean by following these steps
i thank everyone present here for giving me an opportunity
hope u liked my speech and will follow them
by doing these things u can be a role model for ur juniors