1-Treat everyone with respect--fellow students, faculty, administrators... 2-Help keep your school clean--if you walk along and see a gum wrapper on the floor, pick it up and throw it out. 3-Acknowledge people. If you see someone you know, smile and say hello. If you pass a teacher you don't know, at least smile. 4-Include more people in your group of friends. 5-See if another student looks as if s/he is left out--at least introduce yourself and talk to him/her. You don't have to be friends, but be nice. 6-Recognise that no one is beneath anyone else. Smile and say hello to the cleaning people as well as the people who work in the cafeteria. 7-If a student says something hurtful or mean about another student, tell them that is not a good thing to say. 8-It's difficult, but you can tell them that that kind of language makes you uncomfortable. Thank your teacher as you leave class. They have put a lot of effort into preparing the lesson. Improving a school often means improving the atmosphere between students and students and students and adults. It is not hard for an individual to do, but it requires vigilance. If more students act this way, the school gradually, and then more quickly, gets better.
What is meant by "home"?
Home is the place or structure where we live with our near and dear ones, especially our family.

How we feel when we are at home?
We all feel very comfortable when we are at home with our mother, father, brother, sister and other family members. We feel relaxed and safe which we feel nowhere else in this whole universe.

What is meant by "school"?
School is an educational institute which provides primary and secondary education. School is considered to be our second home. It is a place where we spent about six to seven hours of a day. We learn the ways to live our life; we learn moral values and manners at school. We grow up to be successful persons from this school. We all must try to make it a comfortable and happy place.

How can I make school a happy place?
I can make my school a happy place in many ways .some of the ways are  by introducing interesting and modern ways of teaching such as introduction of laptops , projectors etc.Videos are always very interesting to watch and it also gets into our mind very fast. We would be able to learn things faster than before and students would no more feel bored to attend classes in the school. I would like to play games in which we would have fun and at the same time we would get to learn new lessons. I am sure students would love to be taught in this way.