Yes it is because its the house of member living in it. And if the house is giving people so much then people of that house must work together to give back something to their house.
i think your answer is  better than mine
nope nothin' like that you are correct on your place and I am correct on my own place
that`s also i point....but it`s mmy opinion
ok then...alright
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Yes i think that there is a great necessity to keep our home neat and clean it is responsibility of each and every person living in the house...for example,if a baby child throws his/her toys ,clothes etc then it`s our duty to make teach that child that ,no you have and to put these things on their place......even our pm as said that each and every society, each and every house is BHARAT.....and as we keep our country ,our society clean and we should keep our  home cleaan also. as we know that each and every home has children and rooms of children are always messed totally it`s a great responsibilty of the parents to teach that we should keep it clean.....
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ur answer is a bit more related yo bharat that is india I guess and I m not an indian
i m thinking rationally