Many people are upset with the choices that representatives make.

Representative democracy is not democracy at all. It is LEADERSHIP SELECTION, an entirely different concept.

People have no control over what the alleged "representatives" do. They don't have to make binding promises on the way they will vote and due to "log rolling", they pass laws that would never find any majority among the people ("If you vote for my law A, I'll support your law B").

Political alliances among parties with the intent of becoming a "ruling majority" are even worse: electors will be defrauded of any actual influence, e.g. the "Great Coalition" in Germany, where socialists and conservatives ended up "sharing power", enacting laws that enraged the members of both electorates in a gigantic act of log rolling.

In short: representatives represent no one but themselves and their own interests. Electoral promises are worthless. Candidates are only elected based on emotional and ideological appeal, never on actual competence. Their choices wouldn't be the choices of their electorate, were they given a chance to vote on issues