Frnd1: hi _______! hru? listen, do u know about that case of sharika? gud , yeah i know very well about what she has done! she shouldn't have blackmailed others for her benefit.don't you think so?
frnd1: exactly!so have you thought about any solution?
frnd2:nope! not yet..she was scared and now is feeling guilty so i want to help her by heart.
frnd1: yup. me, too. 
(both of em' start think what to do)
frnd1:i guess she should admit it what she did and apologize her frnds.
frnd2: yup..atleast her so called FB frnds will understand what she is upto and stop worrying.
frnd1:i guess she should leave her laptop and promise to never do that again..
frnd2:yeah! lets go and motivate her