You should advice him to not do this type of mistake again and you should warn him also.
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yyyyyyyyoooooouuuuuuuuuttttthink i care!!!!!
do u thnk he will listen ur advice or care for ur warning? 
thn wt will u7 do
Ohh, then i'll 1st make an adjustment for my study.
after my studies get over. i'll plan a gr8. then when my neighbour tries to sleep its my turn--i'll play a loud music and do not let her get a googd sleep.
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yeah right once again
bt this is revenge....isnt it?
couldn't you tell the answer
u cn tell him about the harmful effects of loud music from which he can suffer bcz although a person does not care for others but he surely cares for himself , and u can also advice him if he is interested in listening music he can use headphones.
with this you can solve ur problem without any fight