Going to school day after day can get boring after a while. Sometimes you need some inspiration to make going to school fun again. By connecting to your school through clubs and activities, socializing with friends, and making sure you’re prepared everyday, you can have fun at school again.
we know how precious our school days are and how precious they will be after we go out of our school.So while we are in school we should always try to make our school a happy place.We can do this by starting to make new friends and teaching others the value of our school days. Making friends should not mean that we leave our studies , we should even concentrate on our study so that we do not face difficulties and make ourselves feel happy. If we work hard as well as enjoy our school time we will
School is the most interesting place to be. You will realize this when you pass out. Show your interest in every subjects, read textbooks and try to answer every question your teacher ask.

Let me tell you, In college whatever you're going to study would be 80% of your schooling, so once your basics are clear your college would be fine.

To make school a happy place you should do following things:

1. Find a middle way in breaking rules and not getting caught. To find a middle way you gotta run your mind and play politics, Which is sort of interesting and will develop your mind.

2. Show off whenever you get chance, Participate in curricular activities, play sports, Quizzes, etc.

3. The most important thing is to earn respect in teacher's eyes. Merely getting good grades would not make your personality smart & adorable you've to be versatile, learn the art of influence.

4. Homework: Don't get irritated by homework. Now a days internet would give everything related to education. It doesn't means you should copy and paste, instead of that learn conceptually and apply to your homework.