Globalization results in 1. increase in choice for consumers 
2. improved quality and lower prices 
3. people enjoy higher standards of living 
4. creation of new jobs 
5. local companies supplying raw materials to industries have prospered
6. due to increase in competition , indian industries have invested in newer technology and production methods and raised the standard of production 
7. some industries have gained from successful collaborations with foreign companies 
8. globalization has enabled some large Indian companies to emerge as multinationals ... e.g. tata motors , ranbaxy , infosys , etc

Positive effects of globalization are
1. Domestic companies got benefitted with coming of new technology.
2.Domestic companies got benefitted from MNCs as they bring huge investment.
3.Benefits the suppliers of raw materials.
4. More choice to the consumers.
5.The domestic companies have become MNCs.