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one woman is standing in the loby of a hotel.

the second one enters and suddenly first one is much impressed by her perfume's smell.

first woman-its beautiful(smelling the air)

second woman-its (any name) (but suddenly her body starts itching)

first woman-(laughing)hahahaha  nice smell is not enough my perfume is anti allergent and suitable for all skins. 

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First woman: (speaking on the phone): i cannot seem to find a deodrant which not only smells good but stays on the skin for a long time
second woman:(on the other line): let me think? have you tried "what a woman"deodrant
first woman: it must be expensive
second woman: no only 30 with good smell and which lasts for 12 hours
first woman: really( drops the line and runs)
second woman: hello are u there( turns to the audience) see it so useful that people run for it so get yourself a "what a woman" deo
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