It will travel in the form of compresions and rareffections

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Your stats and facets are ok, it's a normal difficulty jump.
I suggest you to go to the "Castle: Courtyard" map, go to the area between the 3rd and the 4th/last pillar, you'll find a lot of big slime/gel enemies that are extremely weak to the arrow tochka, use it a little far from them so they can't detect you
complete this map section 3 times in a row (seems max enemy respawn before you exit the map) and you'll gain fast experience and the best weapons/armors at the moment, sometimes even of legendary level
when you approach the items to collect them beware of the enemies' puddles, wait until they disappear (with the enemies' death)
I suggest you to increase the enemy level to its max at Metallia's house (bucket list): with that maxed you'll gain something like 150000/200000 exp/run = 2/3 levels/run
I used this until my main facet was level 80 and subs at 60 (I used Wonder as main, Marginal Gaze and Noble Raptor as subs)
2 years ago