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If it is to a friend then:-

dear (friend name)
I came to know that you have been selected as the head boy of your school and I am very happy about it. Mother told me about this.Do you remember that i had a wish to visit the Bandipur national park? well guess what i just returned from there.
     You know that i love animals and you  do have an idea what my mind would feel knowing that it was gonna see animals in reality.I was so excited to have been there. It took me a lot of time plead my father to visit there and finally i visited it
     As i enterd the gate i could feel my body so excited, thrilled,agitated and was inflamed to hear an elephant nearby. i couldn't stop my legs from running. It was hardly 5 mins and i already got 30 to 40 pics. After 30 mins i could hardly see where my parents were! Then i found my parents and went on a safari. As i moved on the shaking of the road shookk away the anxity in me.nut as i aproached an animal it used ti be back.
this way a lot happened.
   i really wished i could for few more hours but it was already evening so i had to leave.But i really had fun.i insist u to go and visit bandiour national park.
Yours loving
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