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Animals have existed from very early times on the earth. From the early ages of the dinosaurs till today animals have moved over the face of the earth and have undergone several transformations. Animals play an important role in maintaining a balance in the ecology of the environment. Thus it is very important to preserve animals for the sustenance and well being of human life. Animals are a gift of creation and shooting animals for trade, money or any other reason will create a lack of environmental balance in our lives. 

Thanks to science and technology today, you can think of shooting animals with a camera instead of a gun. If you are fond of animals you can keep shooting at them with a camera. This will not only help you to get some great pictures but will also preserve the environment as well. Animals are important in our daily lives as they are an important source of food and clothing. They also help in farming. Animals are a part of the food chain, which is very important in preserving ecological balance. If animals are killed by shooting at them with a gun for purposes of sport, trade or earning money, the food chain will get disturbed and the whole ecosystem will become unstable and collapse.
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