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Dear Editor:
Now-a-days, Reality Shows are peak at every TRP (Television Rating Product) chart. It has high popularity among the people and is the product of today's life where people want to reach at the top by the shortcuts. These kinds of shows show the drama at great rate. These are making difference in society. People are highly attracted towards it and crazy to participate in it; but, Shinjani SenGupta case is not hidden from the people who lose her voice and physical health in a dance competition in the local Bengali Reality show in which judges scold the girl on her bad performance. Different quiz programs are also one of the kinds of reality shows who give a lot of money to the winning competitor. It makes people greedy and attracts towards this kind of programs to participate more and more in it. Another crazy reason for people to participate in it are the hosts of the show i.e., great Film Stars, to whom people wants to meet. All these increase the TRPs. Children are also attracted towards these shows and in this glamorous world, they lost their childhood. REALITY SHOW, where no reality exists, only melodrama is there. So, what is reality of these Reality Shows, no one knows except the generators of these programs, winners of the programs and the most importantly the victims like Shinjani.

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The best point is in trying to tell how that effects children
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