In simple words:
High level programming language is of high level for a computer to understand. 

Low level programming language is easy for a computer to understand.

1. HLL are strongly abstracted from the details of a computer. It may use natural 
    elements, English like words, be easier to use, making the program easier to 
    understand and more simpler as compared to LLL.
2. HLL uses arrays, complex arithmetic or boolean expressions, subroutines and   
    functions, loops, threads, locks, and other abstract computer science concepts   
    rather then dealing with registers, memory addresses and call stacks as 
    compared to LLL. 
3. HLL focus is usability whereas the focus of LLL is efficiency.
4. Some HLL's are Python, Lisp, R.
    Example of LLL is Assembly language.
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High level languages are like c++,visual basic etc. they help in the interpretation of mathematical equations by giving instructions to the computer whereas low level languages are the languages that r already installed in the computer and helps in the functioning of the computer like assembly language etc.