MACHINE LANGUAGE :-  the language of 0s and 1s is called as machine language. The machine language is system independent because there are different set of binary instruction for different types of computer systems .
LIMITATIONS OF MACHINE LANGUAGES :It is very tedious and error prone process of writing programs in machine languages .
ASSEMBLY LANGUAGES:   it is low level programming language in which the  sequence of 0s and 1s are replaced by mnemonic  (ni-monic) codes. Typical instruction for addition and subtraction .Example :- ADD for addition , SUB for subtraction etc
Since our system only understand the language of 0s and 1s . therefore a system program is known as assembler . Which is designed to translate an assembly language program into the machine language program.
HIGH LEVEL LANGUAGE :-  high level languages are English like statements and programs . Written in these languages are needed to be translated into machine language before to their execution using a system software compiler