Triangular walls of a flyover have been used for advertisement,the sides of the walls are 100 m×80m×40m. The advertisement yield and earning of rs600 per sqm per year
a)Find the amount of revenue earned in a year by government
b)For what purpose this money must be used
c)What moral message can we depict from this type of case



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First of all we will find the area of triangle

Semi perimeter = a+b+c/2
                        = 100 + 80 + 40 /2
                         = 110 m

Area of triangle =(in square root) s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)
                            =(In square root) 110 (110-100)(110-80)(110-40)
                            = (in square root) 110 × 10 × 30 ×70
                              = 1519.86 m²
Area of two walls = 1579.86 × 2
                            = 3039.72
a) amount of revenue get by government = 3039.72 × 600
                                                                   = Rs. 1823832
b) This money can be use for the welfare of the society.

c) Here is the value that one must do something for his country. By giving the walls to the advertisement company can earn the money a lot and government do it for us. So this is a great thought done by government.

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