Once upon a time there was a boy who deeply loved and was dedicated to him, as he had lost his mother.when he grew up ,he married a beautiful, but arrogant lady. she hated the father, but managed with him for some days. after a few days, she asked her husband to ask the father to live in the store room.the father agreed to live there. conditions became even worse. he used to eat in old utensils. a son was born to the young couple. he soon became close to his grand father and used to play and sleep him. one day, when it was lunch time, the couple was searching for the old plate that the grandfather usually used to eat in. when they couldnt find it in the plate, they searched fr it in the bedroom and found it along with the childs toys. they shouted at him,"why did you keep it there?" the boy replied,"dont touch it! i will use that plate for you when i grow up" the couple realised their mistake and the family lived happily together.