In order to check the amount of pollution that your car is creating, you need to do one of a few things. Perhaps the first thing you can do is take it for check up. Given that there are now more regulations than ever on the amount of pollution that cars can emit, you will need to take your car for a service to ensure that you are not emitting too much petrol. Your mechanic will ensure that they do everything they can to find out precisely how much is emitted. If the amount is under the legal limit and doesn't really need amending then your car will usually be just left alone, unless of course you want to be green and try and help the car be a little more environmentally friendly. 60000 menber

If your car is over the limit, however, then your mechanic will talk to you about the car and explain what could perhaps be done. They will offer you a number of things, all with the promise of reducing the emissions of the car so that you will legally be able to keep the car on the road. If you want to carry on using the car then you don't really have a choice in the matter, you need to fix the emissions problem. You can let your mechanic do it, or you can do it for yourself.

Old cars need special equipment to be made more environmentally friendly, and one such piece of equipment is the Crankcase Ventilation System. This controls unburned fuel vapor that leaks away from the pistons into the crankcase. In normal circumstance, the vapors would leak into the atmosphere, given they're under pressure. Leaving them alone can contaminate engine oil and allow sludge to build up. This system is just one thing you can use to recycle the gases and make your car more environmentally friendly and less polluting.
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