ASL of class 9th.
Your friend has recently been gifted a mobile phone. He spends all his time playing games on it , ignoring his studies and his friends. This is affecting your relationship.
Follow up questions -
1. How you could tell your friend what you feel ?
2. What you could do to resolve the situation?
3. How could you aware your friend ?
4. Do you think it will be easy to convince your friends?
5. How could you help your friend?

Please answer these questions and give me more questions that is related to my topic. This is a task 3 of ASL of class 9th. This is an urgent so please fast .

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answer for question 1 :
I would directly say to him that our relation as friends may fall into troubles because of this phone and even I will say the effects of using the phone more and more and let his stop using the phone and use it in a limited way. so that he can understand the problem and use the phone limitedly.
answer for question 2 :
I would ask his parents or guardians to back the phone and let him concentrate on his friends, class mates and even on studies. at that time at least he can be with his friends and he can concentrate on studies.
answer for question 3 :
I would directly get his attention towards the problem he and we all are facing because of that phone and say him that he should also be with his friends and fellow mates also.
answer for question 4 : 
I think it wont be easy to convince him but also I will be able to manage so that he can even be with all his friends and even fellow mates. I think it can be a good chance to change him I don't think he would listen to me.
answer for question 5 :  
i would say him that he is losing his other friends hope on him and even I will say him to stop using phone and be with his friends as much he can and let the phone to be a side for some days.
some more question that are related to this topic are :
1. how will you motivate your friend ?
ans. I will ask him to stay with us and let him know how good it would be if we are with our friends.
2. what are the consequence of using the phone more and more ?
ans. we will have very less eye power because of using phone more and more and even we will have to many problem in our future.
3. if your friend will neglect your words then what will you do ?
ans. I would even bother about him because form first I am willing his good only but he never cares. good friends every time try to adjust with other one but he is not trying to adjust and even not caring.  
4. if your friend will agree with you what will you do ?
ans. I would really feel too much happy because he cared about the words his friend said. I would even thank him because he is learning something good from other friend.
5. if your friend would start being with all others then how will you feel ?
ans. I would off course fell happy because he is following the good path as I said.
6. if you would take help of any one who's help you would take ?
ans. I would take my teacher's help because they know how to deal with the students easily.
7. what you will do to help your friend to be with all others ?
ans. I would tell him what he and we all to gather are loosing at that time at least he may be with us I guess.
8. what would you do if your friend wont even listen to the teacher ?
ans. I would not again try to be with him because he never try to be with us any time. when we are telling him good only he does not listen to us then what is the use to be with him.

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